From Students

I thought the presentation was very in depth and informative.

- 14-year-old student, Harrisburg Middle School

Super cool presentation. Good analogies.

- 14-year-old student, Roosevelt Middle School

It was helpful!

- 13-year-old student, Madison Middle School

I would not change anything, it was really good!

- 13-year-old student, Hamlin Middle School

Was a good presentation. Important learning topics.

- 14-year-old student, Elkton Charter School

Both presenters were nice and knew what they were talking about. Did a good job keeping it not awkward.

- 13-year-old student, Harrisburg Middle School

I feel like they presented it in a way that is more fun but still got the point across.

- 12-year-old student, Madison Middle School

Thank you for helping us understand this and not making this so awkward.

- 14-year-old student, Elkton Charter School

The presenters were very nice and I think they have helped people make better decisions.

- 12-year-old student, Harrisburg Middle School

This was great! I learned a lot, it was fun, and everyone was included/engaged.

- 15-year-old student, Lowell High School

It was easy to follow, [the presenters] were nice, well put, understanding, respectful.

- 16-year-old student, North Eugene High School

You guys made me really think about how important my body is. Thank you!

- 15-year-old student, Harrisburg High School

I really like this presentation because it helps me to remember to consider personal goals.

- 16-year-old student, Lowell High School

The best presentation I’ve listened to since this topic has been brought up.

- 16-year-old student, Crow High School

The presenters were very nice and inclusive.

- 18-year-old student, South Eugene High School

I really liked this presentation, really made me feel comfortable.

- 15-year-old student, Monroe High School

From Teachers

Presenters were positive, accepting, and encouraging to students. They had a good pulse on the class, were appropriately responsive to student needs and were adept at creating a culture of comfort in a sometimes challenging topic. Content was valuable, inclusive, and universally applicable. Students responded well to the content, the presenters, and the experience.

- Health Teacher, Harrisburg Middle School

I love how you show students appropriate choices and what’s influencing their choices without shaming anyone who’s already made certain choices.

- Science Teacher, Hamlin Middle School

The presenter did an excellent job presenting the information to the class. The topics and the activities presented were engaging. The students asked a lot of questions and wrote in booklets. They had fun with it.

- Health Teacher, Mapleton Middle School

My kids said that this was the best presentation we have had so far in our class. They really liked how interactive it was as well as the presenters and how they interacted with our class. They had a lot of positive comments.

- Health Teacher, Pleasant Hill High School

I felt like this was a very relevant presentation. Important, great information.

- Health Teacher, South Eugene High School

Presentation isn’t a normal ‘don’t have sex talk.’ It gives the students the responsibility to make their own decisions and live with consequences. Presentation allows students to critically analyze and think about decisions with low stress environment.

- Health Teacher, Harrisburg High School

Very well done, presentation was simple but powerful. Students shared they enjoyed it and learned from it. Love the decision making process used to make sexual decisions.

- Health Teacher, Sweet Home High School

It’s never too late to make a new choice