It’s your choice! Whether or not you choose to be sexually active, our goal is to help you feel responsible for your decisions regarding sex. Remember, the decisions you make are your own. Developing these three important critical thinking skills will allow you to make the most informed decisions now and in the future.

Stop-and-Think® will help you:

  • Examine your influences: There are many different messages about sex, from a wide variety of people. Not all of these messages tell the same story. Some messages may not have your best interests in mind and could deliver intentionally misleading information.
  • Consider your personal values: Learn what it means to treat others with respect and recognize your decisions can affect your character and reputation. Prioritize goals, and create boundaries that allow those goals to be realized.
  • Determine the pros and cons: Take time to look at all sides of an issue before determining the best course of action.

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It’s never too late to make a new choice