From Students

I will remember most how to think about who has my best interest at heart.- 16-year-old student, North Eugene

I am going to make a pros and cons lists now.- 16-year-old student, North Eugene

This presentation helped me realize that this topic isn’t as scary as I thought.- 16-year-old student, North Eugene

I remember that there are steps to take when you are pressured into sex.- 17-year-old student, Harrisburg High School

Abstinence is your choice and you should not let others influence it.- 15-year-old student, Mapleton High

It was fun!- 16-year-old student, Mapleton High

I loved it all!- 13-year-old student, Mapleton High

I actually thought about what I wanted to do.- 15-year-old student, Elmira

This gave me a lot to think about.- 16-year-old student, Elmira

I think this was good for all of us to hear.- 14-year-old student, Central Linn

I think you helped me a lot.- 15-year-old student, Central Linn

It was really good and easy to relate to.- 15-year-old student, Central Linn

There are many benefits to practicing abstinence.- 16-year-old student, Central Linn

I learned that its okay to be you.- 14-year-old student, Junction City

I like that it makes me think about how I could better myself.- 15-year-old student, Sweet Home High School

Super helpful, really made me think [about] what I want to do with my life.- 15-year-old student, Thurston High School

I learned that I do have choices and I want to choose the ones that will help me in the long term.- 15-year-old student, Sweet Home High School

It didn’t just say to stay abstinent, it gave a choice.- 15-year-old student, Sweet Home High School

From Teachers

The students felt comfortable with the content and presentation. The presentation has a great way of discussing abstinence without using scare tactics or shame with the topic. Great way of focusing on goals and dreams for life.- Health Teacher, Harrisburg High School

[The presenter] did a nice job presenting the information to the class. I liked the booklet, the students took notes during the presentation. The students were engaged and had fun with the topic.- Health Teacher, Mapleton High School

[The presenter] kept the students engaged with asking questions and feedback. I thought she related to the students very well. She had a sense of humor and made students feel comfortable. She was very organized and very clear with the
message.- Health Teacher, Mapleton High School

Good material, kept the class engaged.- Health Teacher, Elmira High School

It was good. I liked the content. I liked [the presenters]. [I] like the stories, how you relate to what kids are interested in.- Health Teacher, Central Linn High School

Very good – Loved the format.- Teen Health Teacher, North Eugene High School

[The presenter] did an excellent job. Solid eye contact, stayed on topic, involved the kids and kept it interesting.- Health and Science Teacher, Mohawk High School

[They did] an exceptional job, especially considering the topic.- Health Teacher, Lowell High School

I really enjoyed how interactive it is with the students. It was relevant, interesting and thought provoking. [The students] were engaged, receptive and actually participated, which means they were learning.- Wellness Teacher, Sweet Home High School

It’s never too late to make a new choice